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About F&I Optimizer

F&I Optimizer is F&I product search engine for the automotive industry, but with a focus on analyzing every car on your lot, searching hundreds of F&I products from all the major companies to find the best fit. This means you can provide your customers with the best possible protection for their investment while maximizing your profits.

Our Specialization

Broadening your F&I offerings in todays market is essential, especially for vehicles challenging to sell products on under your existing provider such as high mileage, luxury or EV’s. F&I Optimizer specializes in locating ideal solutions tailored precisely to your inventory. Whether you’re managing an independent store or a large dealer group, our ability to find primary and secondary providers is paramount to enrich your product portfolio. 

Benefits Of F&I Optimizer

Maximize Your Profits

F&I Optimizer finds the best fit for every car on your lot, ensuring you're getting the most out of every sale.

Cost-Effective Solutions

F&I Optimizer is completely free for your dealership, which means you can start using it right away and start seeing the benefits without any upfront costs or ongoing fees.

Local Expertise & Support

F&I Optimizer has reps all over the US, which means you'll have access to local expertise and support whenever you need it.

Exceptional Customer Service

In addition to our comprehensive F&I product search engine, we are proud to offer exceptional customer service. Every dealership that works with F&I Optimizer is assigned a dedicated representative who will provide personalized support throughout the entire process. We believe that providing this level of service sets us apart from other providers who may only offer an 800 number or impersonal online support.

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